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Política de envío

If the carrier, USPS, fails to deliver the order to the stipulated address, the package will be sent back to Maranta Power. This case is usually called "wrong address", and usually occurs when the customer gives an address without sufficient data for the carrier to find it.

Another reason the carrier, USPS, might return an order is because the order has not been claimed. If the end customer does not come to pick up the order at the corresponding address they wrote, the shipment will be returned to the nearest USPS for several days, then returned to the Maranta Power offices. In this case you can verify your tracking number to verify where your order is located.

Remember to be careful to check the digits of your addresses before uploading them. Please note that we cannot bear the costs of a resend. We can resend it with the correct address of your order, but you will have to bear these costs.

Orders take three days  to a week to reach their final destination. This varies depending on whether it is inside or outside of Puerto Rico.