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Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Maranta Power's  commitment is to make products with ingredients that provide maximum benefits to the hair. 

Aloe vera is one of Maranta Power Shampoo's ingredients. It works in the hair as a natural exfoliant, absorbing excess sebum produced by the scalp, relieving itchiness, controlling fungus, and softening and moisturizing. Aloe Vera has medicinal properties that have been used in remedies for centuries, obtaining benefits for the entire body.

It contains enzymes that help hair grow and others that help remove dead cells from the scalp. Together, all these actions allow the hair to fall out less and grow healthier and stronger. Aloe Vera is an ideal ingredient to accelerate the cell regeneration process, prevents hair loss, fights oily hair, relieves dandruff symptoms, and leave a feeling of freshness.


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